is celebrating 56 years of selecting, packaging and importing the world's finest quality, clean salt water shrimp from the top breeding ground - the Gulf of California. Our producers use boats which contain TED (Turtle Excluder Devices) which safely harvests shrimp without affecting turtles or other marine species.

Product excellence, quality control and customer service has made DEEP SEA the #1 brand choice among selective buyers. Our shrimp is packed in a convenient five pound box in 50 pound cartons. Deep Sea Shrimp is the ideal preference for fine restaurants and markets everywhere!
Deep Sea Mar Lindo El Cortez Sea Reef
Deep Sea is our premium white wild shrimp from Mexico's West Coast. Known for its alluring flavor, firm texture and high quality, this brand is the highest grade shrimp available and top choice for chefs and distributors in the U.S. All of our wild shrimp is all natural, with absolutely no chemical additions.
Mar Lindo is known as our standard white shrimp that has the same quality and rich taste as Deep Sea, but with a slight imperfection on the shell. Take advantage of our lower prices with the same great taste.
Our premium brown shrimp from the West Coast of Mexico is called El Cortez. These shrimp have light brown or tan shells that turn coral when cooked. The meat is white with a delicate firm texture.
We also offer our Deep Sea brand in Individual Quick Frozen finish count. Our goal is to produce top quality headless wild prawns which are peeled and deveined, chemical free from the Sea of Cortez. This shrimp can be naturally sweet from feeding in nutrient rich waters of Mexico.
Deep Sea Mar Lindo El Cortez Sea Reef
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